Welcome to our website, we hope you enjoy your visit and return on a regular basis to catch up on all the activities of our clubs across Halifax & Calderdale, including results and news that Judo Excellence has to offer. Our goal is to provide you with all the information that relates to both our Judo Excellence Judo Clubs and The British School of Judo Excellence. Judo Excellence has a family of judo clubs that delivers the highest quality judo instruction from top level coaches. Judo Excellence not only focuses on competitive Judo but also aims to develop its members into fully rounded judoka and offers a comprehensive study of all aspects of Judo. Something is always happening at Judo Excellence Judo Club and our players are encouraged to participate in competitions and other events that are held all over the country.



Isobel Kitchen British Schools Silver Medelist 2015




The British School of Judo Excellence

(Schools Judo)

After several successful years of running and developing the Judo Excellence Judo Clubs We knew that there was a real benefit to be gained by offering judo in schools. The British Schools of judo Excellence was established 2002 (Schools Judo) in the West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester areas. Feedback has shown judo to be the most popular extra curricular activity with the primary school children, both boys and girls and has been hugely successful with the high schools as GCSE or 6th form enrichment